Family Time

Things Unseen
Frye Family Band
Artists: (vocals)  Tom Frye, Jonathan Frye, Maggie (Frye) Neal, Kaylyn (Frye) Degler, Michael Farren and Mykah Farren
Instrumentalists: Paul Gregory Shearer (electric guitar), Michael Farren (keyboard, guitar and mandolin), Jacob Lowery (bass guitar,) Becca Bradley (cello) and Daniel Kinner (Hammond organ/percussion)
7 Tracks 
Running Time: 30 Minutes
Oubache Music 2020, 8-88295-99647

The Frye Family is back in the spotlight with the release of their latest album “things unseen.”  Members include the founder, Tom Frye, daughters Maggie (Frye) Neal and Kaylyn (Frye) Degler, son Jonathan Frye and friends Michael Farren and Mykah Farren.  The theme of “things unseen,” is inspirational and with a first: the Harry Chapin and Sandra Chapin song, “Cats in the Cradle,” is performed by father and son, Tom Frye and Jonathan Frye. With the exception of “Cats in the Cradle,” the songs are original ones by the Frye Family and friends. 

The album begins with “Better Things,” vocals by Tom Frye and Jonathan Frye and goes on to “Good News” (Tom Frye and Michael Farren) letting us know that “…even through the valley of the shadow, you never walk alone…He’ll never stop lovin’ you.”  The third track is “Cats in the Cradle” with the duet by Tom and Jonathan Frye, and cello support by Becca Bradley. . “things unseen” is well done by Maggie (Frye) Neal with co-writer Jessica Campbell,  “I fix my eyes on the things unseen…will try…where you are leading me.” “Full Moon” has Maggie (Frye) Neal with co-writer Rhyan Shirley,  “…took all my sorrows and fill up my soul.” 

The last two tracks have one serious and one unusual song. The serious one is “A Martyr’s Prayer” for those who died for their faith.  The idea came from newspaper articles and this is sung by Tom Frye, Michael Farren and George A. Young.  The last track takes a turn from the previous songs and is called “Jesus is Crazy.” Tom Frye and a drummer give the beat for this narrative, “He is crazy…about you.” Even the disciples are commenting about tax collectors and feeding so many people with 5 loaves.  This song could easily be part of a church service. 

All in all, the Frye’s are back and my favorites are “Cats in the Cradle”  and “things unseen” for lyrics, good blend of voices and cello background. Enjoy.


Copyright 2020 Marie Asner