It is more so in the ear of the beholder, so to speak, than most music.

Eulogy: Flowers for the Living
Billy Lamont
The Other Perspective

Eulogy: Flowers for the Living is a compilation of Billy Lamont’s poems/songs/spoken word art spread out over a thirty-three period (1988-2021). Ranging from pseudo-new wave backgrounds to three brand new pieces, the album is rife with guest stars (Larry Norman, Klayton, Mike Peters, and his constant collaborator, Bill Poulos).

Lamont’s cadence often resembles that of Mike Scott of the Waterboys, and is not limited in terms of subject matter. The title track is attributed to a statement made by his grandmother, in regards to celebrating life with the beauty around us, instead of commemorating the dead with gifts they cannot appreciate. “LOVE is a Revolution” features Mike Peters of The Alarm chanting the title over guitar, with Lamont offering the truth that “the opposite of love is not hate – it is entropy”.“If I Were a Singer”, to a new listener, has percolated for a long time. Originally performed in 1999 with Larry Norman, it is delivered in a singsong method over Norman’s guitar.Poetry is not easy to critique, in that every listener is struck by certain words and phrases. I was drawn in the most by “After Armageddon”, a recent addition that discusses the pandemic and the potential aftermath. Like most readings, the album presents something most listeners will enjoy, while others do not resonate. It is more so in the ear of the beholder, so to speak, than most music.

Brian A. Smith