Hear the sound of explosive, victorious worship

Holy Spirit Come EP
Patrick Mayberry
Label: Centricity Music
Length: 6 songs/25 minutes

If you listen to Air1 you will most likely be familiar with the popular title track on Patrick Mayberry’s Holy Spirit Come EP. Among their listeners is my sister who keeps up on worship music. She not only knew the song but was impressed enough to consider buying it, which doesn’t surprise me. The intensity and massive sound stand out. It’s an anthem for those who long to experience God’s presence and power.

Though not defined in the promotional material, this sounds like a studio recording but could pass for a live one. With sing-along choruses and it’s worship orientation it’s made for congregations. The choruses sound like the vocals have been multi-tracked or include others, which gives it a live feel. It’s similar in sound and scope to the plethora of modern worship available.

Immediately I am reminded somewhat of Matt Maher. The lyrics and vocals are raw. The music somewhat rugged with a rock edge. It tends to be guitar-driven with some excellent acoustic and electric leads. Keyboards add texture.

Mayberry’s songwriting focuses on God’s attributes and our need for his miracle-working power. That is especially evident on the title track and “Breakthrough Miracle Power.” Those who appreciate revival-oriented songs will want to check this out. Desperate need meets God’s inexhaustible resources.

“The King Has Set Me Free” is a brilliant opening track. A rousing testimony to being set free in Christ. Anyone who has ever struggled with anything can take this as their victory song. I feel energized after listening to it. It’s an antidote to the world’s despair.

My favorite is probably “How You Love Me.” It’s more acoustic and introspective, which is what I gravitate towards. Are God’s love and grace more simple and wonderful than we have grasped? This ponders the question.

This release isn’t one that takes repeatedly listens to enjoy. It’s high quality, and I would expect no less from Centricity. Mayberry is a fitting addition to their fine roster of artists.

This is Mayberry’s third EP, a prior independent one was released by Centricity in 2020.On the strength of this a full-length is in order and should be well-received.

Michael Dalton