Carrie Newcomer - Everything Is EverywhereIn the mood for a warm mixture of Eastern and Western music? Everything is Everywhere might just be your cup of tea.

Title: Everything Is Everywhere
Artist: Carrie Newcomer Feat. Amjad Ali Khan, Amaan Ali Khan & Ayaan Ali Khan
Label: Available Light Records
Time: 9 tracks/44:27 min.

The basic story behind this album is that Carrie Newcomer spent some time in India, connected with three well known (and related) sarod players, and they all decided to make an album that mixes Western folk singer songwriter music with eastern Indian classical music. As a fan of both genres (I actually married someone from an Indian background), I have to say that this is an excellent fusion album. Fans of Aradhna will find a new album to love here. The mix of both genres is very well balanced. One thing I always hate about Western artists that attempt “world music” is that they usually just slap a tabla intro at the beginning of a regular rock song. That is not the case here. The Indian music shines brightly through every part of every song. The lyrics are rich with imagery that is obviously influenced by Newcomer’s time in India. I have been to India a couple of times myself, so these songs actually bring back great memories for me. I can’t recommend this album enough for fans of world music. I hope this becomes a regular collaboration and not just a one shot project.

By Matt Crosslin  (October 25, 2011)