Pospolite Ruszenie - SwiebodnoscPospolite Ruszenie brings us a short ep that mixes hard rock with folk instruments, but with a few twists that are different from your average folk metal band.

Title: Swiebodnosc
Artist: Pospolite Ruszenie (http://pospolite.ruszenie.pl)
Label: Independent
Time: 3 tracks/14:47 min.

This short ep showcases the diversity that is emerging in the folk metal scene. Instead of Irish/Celtic music mixed with black metal, Pospolite Ruszenie digs into classical Polish and medieval musical instruments. There are really no shrieks or screams here – mostly just clean vocals with the occasional gruff growl of death metal. The music is crunchy and even catchy at times. The second track (“Niescie chwale, Mocarze”) in particular has a great hook with a nice, even mix of traditional and modern instruments. This could almost be thought of as folk metal for people that hate black metal. Pospolite Ruszenie still falls into the extreme music category, so don’t think you are going to be getting anything wimpy here. Overall, I really look forward to more music from this band.

By Matt Crosslin  (October 25, 2011)