Light Heidi_Mc_Kee_90

McKee defeats lies by affirming the truths of Scripture.

Artist: Heidi McKee (
Label: Independent
Length: 13 tracks/40.7 minutes

Faith is essential in the storms of life. It is easy to believe under sunny skies. When buffeted by winds of adversity, affirmation provides strength to persevere.

On Light by Heidi McKee, declarations of biblical truth and personal testimony combine to encourage and comfort listeners.

The highlight comes in a three-song section in the middle. It starts with “Living in the Light,” which revels in freedom sought and found in Christ. A driving guitar makes the chorus soar, giving a sense of liberation.

“God has Big Plans for Me” is the centerpiece. The song mentions looking in the mirror, and be it literal or figurative, that can be enough to send one into a downward spiral. McKee serves as a role model by defeating lies through affirming the truths of Scripture. “I am a work of art,” she sings, “designed by the King of kings. My God, He loves me, and He made me His own. I can stand up tall, because I know that God has big plans for me.” We can follow McKee’s example by telling ourselves what God says is true.

Most tracks are mid-tempo pop rock, occasionally becoming more acoustic as on “No Matter What Tomorrow Brings,” the last of the three songs. This opens with a beautiful, cascading interplay between acoustic guitar and mandolin. You hear this strong hook throughout the song. Lyrically, the idea is that no matter what tomorrow brings, God already has a plan. Driving home through the rain the other night, that thought brought peace, as it has each time I hear it.

A few songs are more worship-oriented, addressing God and extolling His attributes. McKee’s three children add vocals to the last three tracks, standing alone in the spotlight on the closing and slightly reworded “God has Big Plans for Me (Children).” Children need to be reminded of the same truths as adults.

Are you in need of hope and healing? Give this a try. As McKee asserts in the liner notes, God’s Word does not return void. McKee shares light to combat the darkness of lies.

Michael Dalton