Rob Horvath, Creation as reviewed in Phantom Tollbooth Two musical genres are noticeably missing in CCM – jazz and classical composition. The latter is found in abundance in Rob Horvath’s concept album Creation


Artist: Rob Horvath
Label: Independent
Release Date: January 23, 2010
Duration: 16 tracks, 1:34:56

Two musical genres are noticeably missing in CCM – jazz and classical composition. The latter is found in abundance in Rob Horvath’s concept album Creation, a double CD housing 16 songs, only 1 of which has vocals. This mainly instrumental interpretation of the biblical story of creation is filled with the beauty and awe both those of the Jewish and Christian faiths visualize when bringing the creation story to mind.

Creation gains its imagery directly from the bible. Horvath was inspired by Peter Gabriel's I, the soundtrack for Martin Scorsese's movie, The Last Temptation of Christ, which leveraged creative use of samples and a successful blending of traditionally eastern instruments with western instruments and style. Fifteen years in the making, the composer has changed the project over time, ‘Computer technology has vastly improved, the synthesizers and sample instruments have improved so much so that Creation would not be nearly as good had I finished it fourteen years ago.’ Creation received nominations for the 2010 Covenant Awards in two categories: Instrumental Album of the Year, and Classical / Traditional Song of the Year (for "Creation Overture").

This concept album is nearly seamless in its total package. Each successive song builds on its predecessor both in story line and beauty.

Disc One:

  1. "Creation Overture" – Earth’s conception is depicted with a strong foundation of strings.
  2. "Formless and Empty / "Let There Be Light" – Earth’s creation / birth and resulting chaos. The song enters with dramatic thunder followed by synth-laden reverb, then trailing off to musically well-defined emptiness depicting the beginning and leading to the first light of the first day.
  3. "Sky" – filled with color and light.
  4. "Seas" – piano driven, synth-based harmonic chanting tells of the vast expanse and simple beauty of the seas.
  5. "Land / Vegetation" – harmony.
  6. "Sun, Moon, and Stars" – percussion and flow displays the daily movement of the orbs surrounding us.
  7. "Creatures of the Air" - spacious, airy synth takes flight at first slowly later with increasing velocity.
  8. "Creatures of the Sea" – lightly floating, later swimming with increasing power.
  9. "Animals" – primal percussive rhythms accented by bass and strings.


Disc Two:

  1. "Man - Part 1: From Dust" – hypnotic.
  2. "Man - Part 2: The Awakening" – heartbeat and birth.
  3. "Man - Part 3: Exploring the Garden" – jazz! Upbeat! Ah, to be there!
  4. "Man - Part 4: The Deep Sleep" – truly sleepy elevator music.
  5. "Eve" – serenity could not be displayed in a better form.
  6. "Adam's Song" – with lyrics. Story of first love from man to woman. Love’s creation.
  7. "Rest" – peaceful, piano solo post script to an enlightening adventure.

Beyond the orchestral foundations, textured layering, and vibrant imagery lies an adventure back to the beginning of time. In a comfortable position, without distraction, headphones on and eyes closed, enjoy a trip to place, up until now, we could not have imagined in this light.

Scott S Mertens