Insomniac Folklore - A Place Where Runaways Are Not Alone review by the Phantom TollboothInsomniac Folklore offer up something a little different from a place where runaways, dreamers, freaks and misfits are all welcome.

Title: Insomniac Folklore
Artist: A Place Where Runaways Are Not Alone
Label: BD Records
Time: 13 tracks/40:09 min.

This CD is one fun, dark, twisted, and challenging ride through some equally interesting musical territory. Folk, Americana, gypsy, circus themes, steampunk, and almost every related genre mix together to form one of the more original sounds I have heard in a while. Overall, you get a quirkiness that would fit in on the Sounds Familyre label… except for the vocals which really seem to be in an entirely different arena. The singers occasionally trade-off between a few different male and female vocal styles, but for the most part you get the strangely different, deep baritone vocals of Rev. Tyler Hentschel. At least, his voice is what you will probably remember the most by the end. Sprinkle in some spoken word intro/interludes, a cover of “This Little Light of Mine,” and the occasional use of strong language and you have one interesting listen from beginning to end.

By Matt Crosslin (January 23, 2012)