shane and shane the one you need reviewed in Phantom TollboothAnother release from Shane and Shane that shines with their signature harmonies.



Title: The One You Need
Artist: Shane and Shane
Label: Fair Trade Services
Time: 12 tracks / 52:03

The latest release from Shane and Shane contains songs that have solid Biblical content. Shane and Shane manage to create encouraging little teaching sessions, but you will not feel preached at.

The release starts with the rousing and emotional "Liberty". This is the best song on the record with a fascinating mix of instruments. The theme of the song can be found in the chorus:

For freedom You set me free
And yes, I am free indeed
You rewrote my name
And shackled my shame
You opened my eyes to see
I am free

There are other outstanding songs on this album.

"Miracles" presents an interesting take on the type of miracle most of us need in our day to day lives:

Every week I hear a story of a miracle
And if I’m honest I’m tired of seeing none at all
I don’t need to see a dead man come alive
All I want is you to fill me up inside

"Grace is Sufficient" is a song about trusting God with whatever happens in our lives:

What are you gonna do
When the doctor comes
Into the waiting room
Puts his hand on you
And says I'm sorry?

No doubt about it, this is a well done recording on all levels and contains some interesting music (the instrumental break in "Future Version" is an example). The only downside is that the record in parts is somewhat over produced and this may serve, for some, to detract from  the well written songs. Simpler production qualities would have made the beauty and depth of the songs more evident.

The One You Need contains quite a mix of styles but the overall feel is pop-oriented, not that there is anything wrong with that. It’s a matter of taste.

Well done pop music can be very effective. But over produced and "shiny" music tends to be a distraction. The One You Need does not go that far, but it may have served the record better to pull back on the throttle in places.

Interestingly, Shane and Shane have posted stripped down acoustic versions of five songs from the album on their website.( It's worth listening to these versions.

Catchy and hooky? Yes. Words that will help you in your walk with the Lord? Yes. Wonderful harmonies? You can count on it. Fans of Shane and Shane will not be disappointed, and they will certainly pick up some new fans with this recording.

Larry Stephan 2/3/2012


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