Embers Of Brave as reviewed in Phantom Tollbooth

Stripped down, simple, yet powerful...


NOTE: The pre-production demos of Beneath The Sight and Sound origianlly listed within this review are no longer available. Beneath The Sight And Sound was released as the EP Pre-Prodution Demos including the songs listed below included:

Artist:  Embers Of Brave
Title:   Pre-Production Demos
Label:  7 Spin Music
Release Date: 3/12/2012
Duration: 13 Minutes, 3 song EP, 13:11

  1. Introduction Love (Demo)
  2. Confession (Who I Am Now) (Demo)
  3. Broken Sacrifice (Demo)

Due to contractual changes and miscommunication, much of the following review was inaccurate. Jordan-Morgan Lansdowne performed all instruments played on Beneath The Sight And Sound. The musicians listed below played only on the cut “White Flag” which has been removed from all related web sites.


Embers of Brave – Beneath The Sight And Sound EP 

Artist: Embers of Brave
Label: Independent
Release Date: February, 2012
Duration: 7 tracks

Embers of Brave is the revived efforts of singer/songwriter/producer, Jordan Lansdowne, who after finding his Christian faith has made an offering of his talents. Like so many initial offerings of its kind its message shines while the production wanes. Sounding like many mid-‘90s CCM artists, Embers Of Brave offers up soulful lyrics to well written, folk-like songs of life and faith. Beneath The Sight And Sound is based on strong acoustic guitar rhythm, simple percussion, strong vocals and message. Songs are introspective and strong, if not at times guttural. All selections are written and performed by Jordan Lansdowne on vocals and acoustic guitar, with Dean St. Hillaire on Saxophone, Cory Plaugh on bass and piano, and Randy Looman on drums.

Stripped down, simple, yet powerful, “Introduction Love” provides a stake in the ground for this effort with a strong percussive message of Christ’s love entering our hearts. “Confession (Who Am I Now)” tells the personal story of Landowne’s Christian transformation with truthful lyrics and solid guitar interludes and chorus. Fast paced and poppy; “Don’t Be Afraid” provides change of pace from the heartfelt outpourings of the first three offerings on this EP. “Night’s Surround” shines in its simplicity with guitar, sampling of strings, and the lyrics of one who had lived the lyrics with ‘Wake up now, I almost felt the same when He called my name’. Simple and clean, this song rings of the freedom we feel when Christ enters our hearts for the first time.

Beneath The Sight And Sound is a solid first attempt by a professional musician at poring out his heart in praise for his newly found Christian faith. Sounding like early John Cox, the material is well written and performed with solid integration of message and melody. However, the sound quality is lacking with mediocre mixing sounding like many low production garage recordings. Overall, the effort is solid, the message meaningful and the writing well done. Let’s hope the content can be highlighted with improved production on a full-length delivery in the near future.



Scott S Mertens