brothersThe Brothers are two actual brothers that seem to have a pre-occupation with making garage rock in basements.

Title: Brothers
Artist: Brothers
Label: 727 Records
Time: 13 tracks/50:15 min.

What I am trying to figure out about Brothers is just exactly what they are. Is this a side band promoted to full band status? A one-time tribute to a dead music scene? A new band that is trying to come up with an original way to market themselves? Not really sure based on any of the promo materials or websites. But what we seem to have here is a loud garage rock-ish band with emo tendencies here and there. If these really are leftover songs from a long deceased music scene (like their Facebook page says), the 90’s emo influences make sense. I can pick any one song on the disc and like it for what it is, but listening to the album as a whole I seem to find my mind wandering after a few songs. The songs tend to amble for a while in between some of the interesting riffs. Not necessarily a bad thing, but overall I think the album could have been tightened up in many places. Or maybe they are going for a garage rock jam band sound and I just don’t fully get it. If they had focused more on the riffs and garage rock I would have loved this.


By Matt Crosslin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)(04/28/2012)