bacon-brosKevin Bacon makes the feel good summer album of the year. Really.

Title: Philadelphia Road: The Best of the Bacon Brothers
Artist: The Bacon Brothers
Label: Hypertension Records
Time: 19 Tacks/79:01 mins

What would you think if someone told you that Kevin Bacon had a rock band? Me too. When I heard about this album my first thought was "Not another actor who thinks they can be a rock star (I'm talking to you Keanu Reeves and Jared Leto)." Now what if someone told you that The Bacon Brothers band is actually pretty good? Exactly, but it really is.

In this "Best Of" collection we get to see what makes their music work. It's simple but very endearing; it doesn't try to be anything that it is not. Although their sound is a cross between Bon Jovi and Brook & Dunn, Kevin Bacon knows he is no Jon Bon Jovi.

Kevin surprisingly has an amazing voice well suited to their brand of country rock. The song "Guess Again" is a great example of why these songs work. It is not pretentious; there is no rock star posturing, just solidly written pop songs that invite us into the lives of the Bacon Brothers.

Michael Bacon (the other Bacon brother) has an illustrious career scoring indie films such as "The Man Nobody Knew" and "Boy Interrupted." He's songwriting ability really shines throughout these 19 gems. If you are looking for a good summer album that reeks of Americana goodness, then check this album out.


Aaron C. Anderson