Katie Curtis Stretch Limousine on Fire cover. Some stellar moments in this Americana/folk/coffehous/alt country gem.

Catie Curtis (www.catiecurtis .com)
Stretch Limousine on Fire
Compass Records

Catie Curtis has a unique ability to sound like both of the Indigo Girls at different moments. With guest stars like Lisa Loeb and Mary Chapin Carpenter, the equation for success is quite attainable here. Themes of relationships, the capricious nature of fate, longing, death, love, and marriage are all here. The back to back songs "I Do" and "Wedding Band" segue seamlessly into one another as if they belong in every wedding ceremony in the next ten years,

Highlights: "Let it Last," a portrayal of trying to make a moment last. "Highway del Sol" deals with the ups and downs of life. Curtis' vocals range from Ani DeFranco to Amy Ray and back again, with the title track somewhat in the mode of Aimee Mann. Pitfall: "Another Day on Earth," with trite and predictable lyrics. Overall: Much more good than bad here, and a few stellar moments.


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