Under Indiana Lights Cover. An artist who writes about growing up and living in Indiana, with a supportive, extended family, and great musicians, who isn't named Rich Mullins.

Frye Family Band (www.fryefamilyband.net)
Under Indiana Lights
Oubache Music

I've heard three albums associated with Tom Frye over the last five years or so, and the same thought recurs: Rich Mullins. Both have written about growing up and living in Indiana. Both have an appreciation for nature and God's hand in it. Both have written music with their families – in Rich's case an extended brotherhood of collaborators. In Frye's case, this is also true, but Under Indiana Lights also includes Tom's wife and three children, who share in the songwriting and vocal duties.

Once again, the disc is greater than the sum of its parts, but a few musicians are notable: Andy Osenga, Jeremy Casella, Andrew Peterson, Kenny Hutson (guitar and mandolin on most songs), and the inimitable Phil Keaggy, who appears on "The Greatest Gift."

"Sarah Dances" will break the hearts of any father of a daughter who has suffered physically or is no longer with us. Reminiscent of Steven Curtis Chapman's "Cinderella," this track depicts a child's struggle with spina bifida:

"The doctor said 'I can do nothing more I can do for your daughter.'
Her parents know a hope this world cannot offer,
Sarah dreams of the day when faith's made complete,
Her Prince takes her hand and she's swept to her feet,
And she dances...Sarah dances..."

"Blue Silos" speaks of Tom's fear in childhood, and finding hope. "Knight in Armor" is a love song to his wife. "Dream Come True" is a tale of finally letting go of the memories and resentments that hold us back.

As with previous outputs, the music here tend to sound somewhat dated, but the quality of the lyrics and the players more than makes up for that. Frye's continuing progress as a songwriter reveals some real quality and depth.


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