Jonathan Rundman Self-titled CD cover. A Mid-western favorite's favorites to introduce a new generation to the heartland, plus some new gems for long-time admirers of this folkie singer / songwriter American power pop rock star. Who is also Lutheran.

Jonathan Rundman (
Jonathan Rundman
Salt Lady Records

Jonathan Rundman's latest compilation covers the time period between Sound Theology, his 52 song magnum opus, and Insomniaccomplishments. This disc features seventeen songs from his four albums during that time frame, including several alternate versions and arrangements. Three new songs - “Surgical Precision,” “581,” and “That Man Upstairs” - are introduced here as well.

Rundman's style has always been known as a bit quirky. With a distinctive Midwest nasal twang, he blends elements of Elvis Costello, The Replacements, Alex Chilton, Marshall Crenshaw, and Material Issue. In other words, your usual folkie singer/songwriter American power pop rock star.

As Public Library is a personal favorite, I was glad to see songs like “Smart Girls,” “747s,” and “Narthex.” Rundman has a unique ability to combine love songs with odd topics, and personal crises on the same disc – sort of an ADHD approach to life itself, a quality that is identifiable to most of us. Of the new tunes, “Surgical Precision” is the standout to these ears, another tale of love and romance.

“Carol of the Bells” doesn't head in the direction you presume, but “Workin' My Committee” does. “Dialysis Carpool” reminds us that life is fragile, as does “Ashes,” a duet with longtime collaborator Beki Hemingway.
If this is your first introduction to Rundman, I suggest this disc and 20 Songs from the 20th Century as your launch pad. For the completists out there, this is a must for the new and reimagined tracks.



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