Rhett Walker Band - Come to the river cover. Listen up Contemporary Christian Music community because there's a new sheriff in town and his name is Rhett Walker.

Rhett Walker Band's Come To The River is an instantly accessible, albeit highly derivative, collection of gritty and inspiring God-glorifying hard rock.

The running theme of the album is a world weary call for deliverance and the gratitude that comes when Jesus answers that call!

Rhett Walker's voice sounds so much like grunge pioneer Chris Cornell that I had to check the liner notes to make sure Cornell hadn't become born again, changed his identity and switched genres. The music also leaves much to be desired in terms of originality, borrowing heavily from southern-gospel-rockers NeedtoBreathe and Third Day. I even hear remnants of post-grunge ala Days of the New, Seven Mary Three, Theory of a Deadman.

But all that aside, when the tunes are this good, cries for orignaility ultimately fall by the wayside. Rhett Walker's got the goods and he delivers. The first five tracks alone are worth the price of admission. "When Mercy Found Me," "Get Up Get Out" and "Come To The River" are soaring rock anthems that are coming to a radio station near you....just try to resist!

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