Todd Hannigan - Further Than The Bow as reviewed in Phantom Tollbooth. Here is a terrific, soulful and spiritual journey for an hour alone on the couch with a good cup of coffee.

Artist: Todd Hannigan
Label: Brotheryn Records, LLC
Release Date: April 19, 2012
Duration: 9 tracks, 26:56

For many, Todd Hannigan’s recording career took off with the song "Thicker," used in Jack Johnson’s and the Malloy’s Thicker Than Water surfing film. Today’s surfing music genre includes Hannigan’s work as he has contributed to film soundtracks for A Broke Down Melody, Melali – The Drifter Sessions, Come Hell Or High Water, and many more. There is far more to this musician / composer / producer’s offerings than merely surfing tunes as witnessed in his third solo LP, Further Than The Bow.

With lyrics often moving from the sea to the secular world, over and over again Hannigan’s style brings the listener to deeper truths in life. With Further Than The Bow he brings the listener on a delicate journey of one’s soul.

“Submarine,” with an Asian theme, a touch of country western guitar, and Hannigan’s deep, soulful voice brings us into a soul-searching state. With terrific arrangements and touching lyrics both “Down the Line” and “Further Than the Bow” take listeners on a very personal journey.

“Burn” again matches great prose match with emotionally laden strings; listen for the voice inflection rising to a very meaningful crescendo. Capturing the melancholy of end times, “End Game” has an instrumental beginning setting the stage for all-encompassing lyrics with:

    ‘I’ll keep on trying ‘till by dying day, and I’ll keep on dreaming ‘till they take it away.
    You could say we’re at the end of the game, you could say we’re at the end of an age’.

“Kottke” ends the collection giving a fitting tribute to a master of acoustic guitar picking.

Hannigan proves that the third time is indeed the charm with Further Than The Bow. Here is a terrific, soulful and spiritual journey for an hour alone on the couch with a good cup of coffee.

Scott S Mertens


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