The Kuhn Choir - Seeking and Finding album cover. Original compositions. Just close your eyes and listen.
Artist: Kuhn Choir
Conductor: Marek Vorlicek
Original Compositions by Hans Bakker and Howard Richards
Recorded from 2009-2011 in Prague, Czech Republic
14 Tracks, 65 minutes

The first half of this classical CD has compositions by Hans Bakker in more of a traditional style beginning with "Sanctus" and dissonant bells reminiscent of Schoenberg, to "Canto 33" with text by Dante Alighieri and four-part choir in rapidly ascending notes.

The last half of the CD selections are in English and composed by Howard Richards. "The Noise of Waters" with piano accompaniment and piano interlude is a glistening tone poem. The best is last, with three songs with texts by Kahil Gibran, "The Song of the Rain," The Song of the Flower" and "The Song of the Wave." This is seamless choral work by the women of the chorus. The blend of voices is superb and an excellent contralto section, and entrances and exits precisely on cue. Just close your eyes and listen. This is how it is done.


Copyright 2012 Marie Asner

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