Coro Allegro - In Paradisum cover. An award-winning Boston-based choral group tackles original composition.

In Paradisum

Artist: Coro Allegro Chorus with soloists Sanford Sylvan and Ruth Cunningham
Director: David Hodgkins
Original Compositions by: Patricia Van Ness
Recorded at Church of the Covenant, Boston, MA
15 Tracks
62 minutes
Navona Records

One of Boston's prime choral groups, Coro Allegro has members and friends of the LGBT community. The compositions for "In Paradisum" are by noted composer, Patricia Van Ness. The first grouping begins with," Requiem" of loss and consoling, then following with lyrical sections of "Kyrie," "Domine Sanctus," "Angus Dei," "Lux Aeterna," "The Comforter," and the ending. My favorite is "Domine" with phrasing that carries the listener along smoothly, and "Sanctus" with a hymn-like center that blends with the opening and closing sections.

The last half is "The Voice of the Tenth Muse" with selections of an extremely high range for soprano voices that they do well, although many minutes of this wears thin to the listener. Soprano soloist Ruth Cunningham has a voice with stellar range.

Coro Allegro is a choral group with exquisite tone and pitch, and responsive to their director for detail. Coro Allegro won the 2012 Chorus America Alice Parker Award for dedication to expanding choral repertoire.


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