Beki Hemingway - I Have Big Plans for the World album cover. An all-too-short installment in her quest for world domination. The Tollbooth is pulling for her!

Beki Hemingway
I Have Big Plans for the World
Birdie Num Num

Themes of love and conflict are rampant throughout I Have Big Plans for the World, the new EP from Beki Hemingway. At times, the disc seems to be a chronicle of the ups and downs of a marriage, while ultimately realizing that the love is still there throughout the good and the bad times.

"Lose My Mind" may be a tale of unrequited love, or the the thrill of the chase. "Lay It Down" expresses a desire to shut out the world and be able to relax together. "Last Wish" is a bit more introspective, as the song's subject is caught trying to find his/her place in the world. "Finnieston" (I think) celebrates a trip to Wales.

The musicians are quality - Randy Kerkman on guitar, former VOL member on bass for two songs, with jack of all trades Jonathan Rundman showing up on keyboards, organ, and co-writer of two of the six songs.

Hemingway's vocals are usually compared to Aimee Mann, Jonatha Brooke, Patty Griffin, and Sheryl Crow, and she can definitely cover that gamut. I still hear something more unique. This album is typical Beki in tone, but an increasing maturity and perspective is evident in the lyrics. My only complaint? An EP instead of a full length project.

Brian A. Smith

8 December 2012

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