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Almeria (Deluxe Edition)
Artist: Lifehouse
Label:  Geffen Records
Release Date: December 11, 2012
Duration:  13 tracks, 49:24

The best in recent releases, Almeria is pop sensitive, a great listen, and appealing to masses. Lifehouse, a prolific pop-rock band, originally had Christian airplay with Stanley Climbfall and has continued to be at the top of pop rock charts since. With a catalogue built on great production, radio-ready relationship songs, and hot live performances Lifehouse continues to climb in popularity.

Simplistic beat and lyrics create a movement all its own in “Gotta Be Tonight” setting the stage for a great collection. Smooth production and mixing are readily apparent in the transition to “Between the Raindrops,” a hot relationship number which builds to a powerful chorus and a break to a female vocalist. This offering is similar to the recent Gotye release “Making Mirrors” but with Rawhide–like guitar adding a dramatic ending. The kick drum continues with a heartbeat-like beat on “Nobody Listen.”

“Moveonday” and “Right Back Home” (featuring Charles Jones and Peter Frampton) are solid rockers showcasing cutting guitar work. Emotion filled numbers with excellent melody include “Slow Motion,” “Where I Come From” and “Aftermath,” highlighting lead singer Jason Wade’s signature vocal qualities. “Barricade” provides a slow ballad with country slide and reverb on electric guitar making for interesting accompaniment.

The deluxe edition of Almeria includes two tracks with ‘60s radio-like qualities in “Lady Day” and “Pins & Needles,” and “Rolling Off The Stone,” a blues rock tune with good sax.

This is one smooth release. The deluxe edition adds little to the original ten-song collection. Catchy, like their initial release of Stanley Climbfall, this album is a great additional for Lifehouse fans and a good introduction to new comers.

Scott S Mertens


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