pinckUpon discovering that Dug Pinnick was involved in a project with Eric Gales, an automatic trigger with 'purchase' attached itself to my pointer finger.

Pinnick Gales Pridgen
(C)2013 Magna Carta Records

I've never been that enthralled with any of the King's X bass player/lead vocal's side projects, Poundhound in particular, though Tres Mts. has grown on me somewhat. However, contrary to other reviews for this African-American "power" trio (meant in the strongest sense possible), Eric Gales in the mix made this a "must have". Discovering the Eric Gales Band in the early 90's with his first two releases on Elektra Records (self-titled (1991) and Picture Of A Thousand Faces (1993)), the dirty blues rock guitarist reminded me of a cross between Hendrix and today's Lenny Kravitz. It seems most have never heard of the southpaw guitarist. Add to this mix Thomas Pridgen, former intense drummer of the Mars Volta, and you've got three what-appears-to-be 'alpha males' converging in a creative partnership destined to take the free world by storm.

The first track, "Collateral Damage", lays out the blueprint for this musical ménage a trios. They refuse to let up on the gas pedal, as "Angels and Aliens", a rather interesting spiritually charged perspective, follows. This is hard, groove-laden, semi-prog rock marrying the best of what you'd expect from King's X and Eric Gales. Other standout highlights of this 13-track disc are "Hang On, Big Brother", a much harder version of Cream's "Sunshine Of Your Love", and the blues-induced, nearly 10 1/2 minute long "Been So High (The Only Place To Go Is Down)".

Raucous, almost overbearing in its' power at points, and heart-on-sleeve lyrically, this collaboration comes across like a long overdue volcanic eruption.


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