landdHighly recommended for fans of melodic Nu Metal.

Between Here and Lost
Artist: Love and Death
©2013 Tooth & Nail Records

Essentially, this is Brian “Head” Welch’s touring band from the past four years, but gives a collective representation of the band rather than using Welch’s name as a trademark solely. As a vocalist, Welch has matured since leaving KoRn in 2005 and venturing into the solo arena with “Save Me From Myself” (2008), a profound testimony of God’s saving grace on his life. The heaviness of Love and Death’s sound can be felt from the outset, “The Abandoning”. After auditioning through YouTube for a replacement guitarist a few years ago to fill out the band, 15 year old J.R. Bareis stood out. Now 17, his initial guitar riff at the time was the skeleton upon which the song formed. The next track, the Devo cover song, “Whip It”, is fleshed out and retooled in a melodic nu metal vein. After hearing The Used spin on the Talking Heads’ “Burning Down The House”, Welch was inspired to pull it off. Personally, I appreciate it when a band brings puts their own stamp on a cover song, plus the song just kicks butt! Throughout “Between Here and Lost”, KoRn fans will hear the familiar low-end guitar tuning and that particularly ominous sound. This time around, unlike Welch’s solo album, a collective songwriting effort went into this release. Produced by former Red guitarist, Jason Rauch, the final mix is dark, heavy, and ‘in your face’. All of the songs flow well together. The final track, “Bruises”, is a brooding ballad somewhat inspired by those in the Christian community who won’t identify with and accept rock music. Stand out tracks include, “Chemicals”, a self-trapped song about drugs and the resulting depression, “I W8 4 U”, featuring For Today’s Mattie Montgomery, and the opening track, “The Abandoning”. This is a very strong release and highly recommended for fans of melodic Nu Metal.

thecannyshark March 2013


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