M Powers BluesianaA diverse menu for a blues album: try the 'live band' – it's fresh today.....

Bluesiana Breeze – 3 Decades
Michael Powers
9 tracks / 43 minutes

Michael Powers certainly knows what he's doing. Still playing regularly at New York City's Terra Blues Club, his guitar playing career goes all the way back to the 1965 hit, "The Boy From New York City," by The Adlibs. Bluesiana Breeze – 3 Decades is a mixed and rather eclectic bag for a blues musician. Ranging from solo acoustic instrumental tracks ("19-Seventy6," "Istanbul," "Bluesiana Breeze," and "ESP Affair") to the experimental re-working of "Istanbul," played the second time with the 'E-Orchestra' enhancing the eastern-sounding melody, Powers gives us some hits and near-misses among the nine-tracks here. The slight tuning issues I had with some of the solo acoustic work pretty much disappeared (or at least got buried) on the tracks featuring Powers with his full electric blues band, where he seems to be most at home. The album's description, "Solo, Acoustic, Orchestra, Live Band," pretty much tells the whole story. I just might add, "yeah, but try the Live Band – it's really good." That's the way diverse menus go, I suppose.


Bert Saraco

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