The Slightest Touch (EP)

Embers Of Brave - Slightest Touch EP as reviewed in Phantom Tollbooth

The message stands up.

Artist: Embers Of Brave
Label:  7 Spin Music
Release Date: May 2, 2012
Duration:  4 tracks, 17:39


NOTE: At this writing, the band Embers Of The Brave is on hiatus. As a result, The Slightest Touch project is not currently being marketed. See the review of Jordan-Morgan Landowne’s Leave Your Light On in this issue of Phantom Tollbooth for his latest offering.


With heart bare, music straight and true Jordan-Morgan Lansdowne finds a foot hold with this hard hitting offering. Both persuasive and percussive, these ‘pre-production’ demos speak true to the soul.

“Understand Your Ways” has it all with percussive guitar play, resonating voice, and deep, smoky lyrics like a voice crying for answers. With a quick break and good mixing to “Struggles & Other Synonyms” Lansdowne provides hot rhythm and strong message. “Drive” is soft with poetic meanderings shouldered by simplistic, soft acoustic guitar. “I Digress”, while short and to the point, shows an upbeat tone leaning towards a Mat Kearny-like sound.

What stands apart from thier previous offering is a simple message, clear mixing and fine engineering. Most importantly, the message stands up. With only acoustic guitar, strong voice, and guttural message Lansdowne finds his stride.

Scott S Mertens



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