Jasen Ashdown Be Still My Soul reviewed in Phantom TollboothHonest cries from an honest heart. Acoustic based devotional music inspired by the Psalms.

Title: Be Still My Soul
Artist: Jasen Ashdown
Label: Jasen Ashdown
Time: 6 tracks/30:19

I'm closing out the noise
That separates me from you

Jasen Ashdown's Be Still My Soul is appropriately titled. This music truly encourages one to be still before the Lord and cry out.

Jasen has stated that this project was born out of some very difficult times in his life and that these songs are very honest cries from an honest heart. This becomes obvious as one listens. Jasen's vocals are appropriately vulnerable throughout.

The music is wonderfully understated and remains simple (in a very good way) throughout. There would be no other way to present these songs. The beauty of the recording grows with each listen.

Over the years (many, many years), the Psalms have provided inspiration for so much music. All the songs on Be Still My Soul are based on Psalms, some specifically, some more loosely. Those familiar with the Psalms will recognize the connection.

Beautiful. Creative. Vulnerable. Clarity in a noisy world. A heart crying out to God with sincerity and brokenness.

Be still my soul
And take a breath of peace
Slow down and rest

Jasen's music can be found on his website and the usual online outlets.





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