Misty Edwards 90

A wideness in God’s mercy; a wildness in His Love

Only a Shadow: Misty Edwards Live CD & DVD
Artist: Misty Edwards
Label: Forerunner Music (www.ihopkc.org/music)
Length: 14 tracks/73:18 minutes

A spirit of sacrifice animates Only a Shadow: Misty Edwards Live CD & DVD. It’s as if all is on the altar, which is when the song of the Lord begins, giving this an indefinable quality that some may liken to anointing. It sounds truly inspired at times.

This could be considered alternative worship. It features cutting-edge music, exudes radical devotion and has a touch of spontaneity. The latter includes a couple of improvised songs. This in part reflects the charismatic influence of the International House of Prayer, which is the setting. There is no reason for concern if you are not of the same persuasion. There is no glossolalia or speaking in tongues, though some of the spontaneous utterances may seem a bit rambling.

Edwards has a dynamic vocal range. Her voice is tender and beautiful on ballads. It’s strong and powerful when the band rocks.

The supporting cast of musicians is excellent. The instrumental “Selah (When You Think of Me), which borders on progressive rock, as on other segments, showcases their talents.

The title song contains impressive variation. When Edwards breaks into the chorus, the resolve in the music is powerful. It’s followed by a melodious guitar interlude that reminds me of some of the fluid lines played by Phil Keaggy.

My favorite is “I Love Your Ways.” It combines a winsome melody with the chorus, “I love your ways/your beautiful ways/I love your yoke of meekness and lowliness/I love your ways.” It captures in song some of the tension between flesh and spirit; the struggle that becomes rest when submitting to God’s will. It’s like the crowning achievement, even though the album closes with the driving rock of “Between the Cherubim.”

Even though I have a charismatic background, I was somewhat wary about what I might find here. I need to remember that there is no fear in love. There is a wideness in God’s mercy that encompasses many temperaments and persuasions. Modern worship does not have to be tame. It can be a reflection of the wildness in God’s love.

The DVD mirrors the CD content.

Michael Dalton


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