Remedy Drive - Resuscitate: Acoustic Sessions as reviewed in Phantom Tollbooth

Remedy Drive has given a very solid acoustic release of Resuscitate.

Resuscitate: Acoustic Sessions
Artist:           Remedy Drive
Label:           Centricity Music
Release Date: June 4, 2013
Duration:  10 tracks, 36:17

Among the unplug offerings in any musical genre; many fail to capture the emotion and stride of the original offering. There are acoustic re-releases of albums that work well and those that lose something in the offing. Remedy Drive’s Resuscitate: Acoustic Sessions album is one that works.

Each song maintains its lyrical truth and brightness of the original recording. What differs is how the acoustic musical arrangements sustain and enhance the original recording.

Of the slower, ballad-type numbers “Better Than Life” and “Don’t Forget” are upbeat. The rawness of the acoustic offering brings each closer to heart. “Lost Cause” is piano lead, light, and positive. With a solid foundation of percussion, “What Are We Waiting For” has solid lyrics and breaks; there is good bass here.

But the fire is found in the following:

  • “Crystal Sea” is a great tune with excellent lyrics and meaning.
  • “Make It Bright” has hot guitar work with nice backing of banjo and piano.
  • “Glory “ shows fast acoustic guitar underlining smoky lyrics.
  • “Resuscitate Me” again shows hot guitar, bass and percussion with smoldering vocals.


In CCM, Kutless has provided great acoustic offerings in concert but not in recording, Jars Of Clay has provided both but not in some time. Remedy Drive has given a very solid acoustic release of Resuscitate.

Scott S Mertens



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