Tara Leigh Cobble Come Back Soon album cover. "I will come again and take you where I am." A nicely done change of pace.

Artist: Tara-Leigh Cobble
Musicians: Lee McDerment, Kaleb White, Zachary Kale, Jeremy Barber, Daniel Harper, Roseangela Merritt, Tom Pellerin, Justin Land, Elvina M. Hall, Henry F. Lyte and W. H. Monk
Shrinking Music 96859-24715 (2013)
11 Tracks
Running Length: 45 minutes

Tara-Leigh Cobble, musician, writer and inspirational speaker, has taken the Bible verse from John 14: 3, "I will come again and take you to Myself, that where I am you may be also," and woven a group of songs with the themes of renewal ("Made Clean"), restoration ("Those Who Dream") and waiting for the return of the Savior. Her lyrics are clear and sung with a steady voice, which should be clear in all the songs, but I found in two, "Isaiah 61" and "All I Owe/Jesus Paid It All" that Cobble's voice was competing with reverberation.

The title song, "come back soon" has an ethereal sound to it that emphasizes the lyrics of .."all the broken to restore, all creation grown impatient..." and after that song is "Tether My Soul," the opposite with a rapid change of pace and a joyful beat, plus choir. The singer is "...only free when bound to you, so tether my soul." "Those Who Dream" can be restored, "...beauty for ashes and tears into joy."

"Abide With Me/I Am Nothing" interjects stanzas of the favorite hymn, "Abide With Me" with the lyrics of "I Am Nothing." Good arrangement, and then the finale begins with instrumentalists and Cobble finishing the collection of songs with the Bible verse from John 14, "I will come again and take you where I am." This CD has New Age music arrangements that blend with the lyrics. This album is a nicely done change of pace for inspirational music listeners.

Copyright 2013 Marie Asner


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