Blue Mountain Brandon HeathAnother Brandon Heath record full of good songwriting and this time a touch of Americana...but only a touch.



Label: Reunion Records

Time: 11 tracks/42:35

Brandon Heath is a gifted songwriter. However his association with the mainstream CCM industry and the ensuing over production of his albums tends to lessen the impact of his music, and that's too bad.  At least when a Brandon Heath song comes on the radio you can generally leave it on.

Heath is capable of, and has written, songs that can change the way you think and challenge the way you live. "Give Me Your Eyes" from a past release is a good example of this. His latest release Blue Mountain does contain some of this impressive songwriting.

There seems to have been an attempt to pull back a bit on the production for some songs in this collection. This is beneficial, however, not universal. Blue Mountain contains a mix of Americana leaning songs and typical CCM type music. While more of the Americana leaning what have been welcome, the album as a whole is still a cut above typical CCM style music.

"Jesus in Disguise" and "Dying Day" are excellent and thought provoking songs, but they could have saved a lot of money on these. It's the same verdict for "Love Does" and "In the Dust" - decent songs lost in an avalanche of over production. At times it feels like these songs just cannot breathe, like every little space is filled in and plastered over.

"The Harvester," "Blue Mountain," "Paul Brown Petty," and "Love Will Be Enough for Us" are examples of the Americana feel of some of this album. Here the music breathes and the space is refreshing. In fact, "Paul Brown Petty" and "Love Will Be Enough for Us" are good examples of what Brandon Heath music could be - excellent songs in all aspects.

Once again Heath delivers some excellent songwriting. And while the production on some of the songs has been reigned in on Blue Mountain, this record as many others by him, would have benefited from less paint all over the walls. Brandon, we would like to hear more of you and less of everything else.


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