Hayley Rearden - Where The Artists Go as reviewed in Phantom TollboothThe collection is both a mix of youthful pop and mature country offerings.

Artist:           Hayley Rearden
Label:           Kingswood Records
Release Date: October 23, 2012
Duration:      11 tracks, 41:38

Well produced by Lorne Entress with contributions from a host of veteran session players, Where The Artists Go is musically polished and complemented by well-written lyrics ranging from youthful trials and tribulations to much more mature meanderings. At 15 years of age, Rearden shows experience beyond her years. Where the Artists Go is Rearden’s first full length offering, having had two previous EPs and two extended single releases.

While hailed as folk, there is much more country in the vocals and melody. Rearden’s voice definitely has a country tinge. The collection is both a mix of youthful pop and mature country offerings.

The album’s namesake, “Where the Artists Go”, melds good lyrics with first-rate melody telling of the artist existing in each of us. “Tribe” and “Like He Knows the Red Sox” story youthful experiences. “Music” (featuring PZed) has a great duet with good movement in its phrasing. “Seattle”, a country radio-ready piece, and “There You Are With Me”, rambling and fun, show the upbeat side of Rearden’s LP.

Although well written, performed, and produced the song collection is an uneven mix of youthful fun with a pop accent and attempted mature themes with a country inflection. A direction of youthful spirit more in line the pop genre would enhance the listening experience. Overall, Rearden’s talent is strong and evident.


Scott S Mertens


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