Building - 429 We Wont Be Shaken as reviewed in Phantom Tollbooth

Building 429 has a strong, positive message of faith and life.

We Won’t Be Shaken
Artist: Building 429
Label: Essential / BMG
Release Date: June 4, 2013
Duration: 11 tracks, 42:40

Among CCM groups with longevity, Building 429 continues to grow and surprise. Always looking inward for content and outward for inspiration, their songs have consistently shown the hurt of the fallen, the need to look to Christ for inspiration, and hope for the hopeless. While We Won't Be Shaken displays each of these characteristics, it also has strength and growth in faith.

A whistling intro gives way to the rocker "Get Up" leading the listener to get their faith in high gear. With dramatic backing and strong message, "Bonfire" continues the loud and proud message of strength in faith

The album’s standout performance is ‘Wrecking Ball (Press On)" featuring Bianca Callahan of Group 1 Crew sharing vocals with Roy. This radio-ready piece has strong message and a gem musically for Building 429 – something that makes this album stand out and stand up. A nice transition from this pop song to ‘We Won’t Be Shaken" continues the message of strength in faith.

Roy’s signature vocal qualities give depth and honesty to the collection. A number of softer, introspective songs of praise and worship lie amid the remaining songs. Rockers are found in "Revolution" and "Best To Worst", a ballad building to a mild rocker.

Album after album, Building 429 shows consistency of message and musical growth. The group’s strength, however, is live performances. This is where their message hits home the hardest. To this point, the album’s last song, a live rendering of "Where I Belong" from their last album, Listen To The Music, underlines this point with the crowd taking over the lyrics while taking them to heart.

Always with a good message, well written and produced, Building 429 again gives a solid collection. Building 429 continues to build on its own voice and its own sound. As always, B429 has a strong, positive message of faith and life.

 Scott S Mertens



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