grave-declarationGrave Declaration has been receiving a lot of praise recently, and for good reason. They deliver quality symphonic black metal that crosses a few boundaries to bring in a wider spectrum of fans.

When Dying Souls Scream Praise
Artist: Grave Declaration
Label: Bombworks Records
Time: 12 tracks/59:03 min.

This album has been receiving high praises across the metal world, and for good reason. This is high quality symphonic black metal that even some non-fans might enjoy. At times atmospheric and at times intense and fast, there is enough variation here to keep my attention through the whole disc (which often doesn’t happen with this particular genre). Take, for instance, the almost industrial introduction to “Fall Down” – I had to check to make sure I hadn’t accidentally skipped to a different album. Coolest song title of the metal year goes to “Hardest Rocking God of All Time.” Of course, there are also death and thrash metal influences here and there, but they all work great with the overall sound. This is one album that lives up to the hype.

By Matt Crosslin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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