Kevin Kastning & Carl Clements, Nowhere No Here as reviewed in The Phantom TollboothSometimes full of sorrow, sometimes full of joy, this offering takes the listener on an inner journey.

Artist:     Kevin Kastning & Carl Clements
Label:     Greydisc
Release   Date: July 16, 2013
Duration: 14 tracks, 1:16:40

Kevin Kastning, having a number of albums to his credit, is an acoustic guitarist extraordinaire having invented the 30-string Contra-Soprano guitars and both the 16 and 17 string Contraguitars. Carl Clements is both a jazz master of tenor and soprano saxophones, as well as, alto flutes, again with many compositions. Together, their music is spacious and spiritual with Kastining laying the foundation for Clements to paint the picture with reeds.

Nowhere, No Here features Kastning playing 14-string Contraguitar, 12-string alto guitar and classical guitar, and Clements playing tenor and soprano saxophones and Bansuri flute. The combination gives a sound similar to the ‘80s Jade Warrior prog/psych offerings crossed with an occasional pre-jazz fusion Miles Davis-like sound on Clements reeds.

Like a stroll through a dark, early morning forest, “Lunar Incantation Precision” sets the pace taking the listener to a private place. Throughout the collection the listener embarks on a dream-like voyage at times encountering darker imagery as in “Incomparable Light And Repose” and “Rust In Form,” at others the tone is full of wonder and movement as in “Overmorrow I” and “Overmorrow II” with guitar rhythm easily accentuating the flute or reeds.

Throughout, there exists a personal, emotional experience. In a quiet place, with nothing specific to gain one’s attention, the music takes over whisking the listener to another plain. An example of this experience is found in the intricate play between guitar and horn being full of wonder and adventure as found with “Into Propagation Suspension.”

Adventurous, tone-true and very well balanced, Nowhere, Now Here tells a complete instrumental story. Sometimes full of sorrow, sometimes full of joy, this offering takes the listener on an inner journey.


Scott S Mertens


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