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Abandon, Control as reviewed by the Phantom TollboothFrequently pigeonholed as mere Killers knockoffs, these feisty Texans turn in an invigoratingly multi-faceted set that just might prove the naysayers wrong.

Mick abrahamsThe vibe on Mick Abraham's Revived! is fun, relaxed, and raucous – more of a party than a recording session. Of course, when you're a rock icon yourself, the party's guest list is impressive indeed...

Ad Astra is a Latin term meaning “to the stars,” and this strong debut certainly is paving the way to a bright future for this band in the prog universe…

Adam Again remaster 10song copy copyTen Songs by Adam Again is one of the essentials ...a watermark in the evolution of intelligent art/funk/pop in Christian music.

Chris Adams Intimacy90Chris Adams brings his passion and his considerable guitar skills center stage on his new solo project, Intimacy....

chris_adams_oasisTone and technique are the stars of this impressive show. A well-balanced collection of instrumental and vocal tracks, it's the playing on Night at the Oasis that wins the day. Obviously, Adams is a guitarist worth watching...

Chris adams pareidolia, Mixing humour and music is always a tricky balance. Adams has judged it well on this intelligent home-produced set of retro singer-songwriter tracks with a rock edge. It has a twinkle in its eye and a well-mixed digital sound.

Advent - Silent Sentinel Album Cover as reviewed on The Phantom TollboothSilent Sentinel is the inspiring and anthemic third release from a mature band now well into its second decade.

This gorgeously layered blend of African and Celtic music has so much drive and texture that you may want to play it for weeks on end. This is (finally) the first contender for my major musical releases of the year.

After SOAR, another album based on themes of bird and human migration! This one fuses Gaelic vocals, afro house, global rhythms and audacious  west African brass.

Minimalist piano and vocals, with dashes of improvisation, make this a truly distinctive release.

…a gentle but powerful journey of musical invention.

Jorn AleskkaerSlightly melancholy, wonderfully melodic and irresistibly hooky without being musically trite, I'm So Glad easily gets under your skin in the best of ways

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