January 2018 Press Release 
We ain't dead yet! 

Our dear readers did not take the news very well of our demise last November; angel tech-experts stepped forward to resurrect our site by generously offering to host it and straighten out all our technical challenges. Wow. Such outpourings of support and Christian service convinced your humble co-publishers to continue to ease on down the road. 

And thus this companion to your journeys through our crazy culture continues. Enjoy our latest efforts: 

Our writers' Music Picks of the Month 
Keith and Kristyn Getty – The North Coast Sessions 
Frank van Essen - Sanctum 

Best and Worst Films of 2018 

Concert Reviews 
Doxacon Faith and Fandom Convention 
Forever Be Sure 
Matthew Perryman Jones with Molly Parden 

Joe Amaral - Story in the Stars - Discovering God's Design and Plan for Our Universe 
The First Testament: A New Translation 

Music Reviews 
Paul Poulton Project with Jeannie – Heaven 
Afro-Celt Sound System – Flight 
Rachel Bae - "Grace" 
Dave Bainbridge and Sally Minnear – Live in the Studio (DVD) 
Bishop Bullwinkle - Hell 2 Da Naw Naw (Music videos) 
Steve Dawson – Lucky Hand 
Richard Durrant – Stringhenge 
Katrin Finch and Seckou Keita - Soar 
Focus - Focus 11 
Keith and Kristyn Getty– The North Coast Sessions (EP) 
Yvonne Lyon, Stewart and Carol Henderson – Vesper Sky 
Steph Macleod – Gold 
Minor Empire – Uprooted 
Planetshakers - Heaven on Earth 
Player A - Devices, Techniques, and Mechanisms 
Eddi Reader – Cavalier 
Rhythm Future Quartet and Friends 
Jean Sandoval - Sound of All - Music by Jean Sandoval, Episode One 
Russ Taff - Believe 
Stuart Townend – Courage 
Frank van Essen - Sanctum 
Ce Ce Winans - Something's Happening! A Christmas Album 

Russ Taff: I Still Believe 
Apostasy (DVD) 
Billy Graham: An Extraordinary Journey 
Green Book 
Salvador (Blu-ray/DVD) 
Stan & Ollie 
The Wife 
Unbroken: Path To Redemption 

Midwest Grooves Tour - Was the Milwaukee date of Samaritan Ministries' Midwest Grooves Tour a gospel concert or a festival of ecumenism? Yes. 

Shari Lloyd 
Linda LaFianza 

The Phantom Tollbooth 
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